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Goddad Public Library

Our Location

201 N Main Street
Goddard, KS  67052


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We are the public library for Goddard, Kansas.  The Library was established by the Goddard Woman's Club in 1969 and became the public library in 1985.  


The Goddard Public Library mission is to engage the community to build strong inter-generational connections, share knowledge, inspire curiosity and encourage life-long learning.


The Goddard Public Library will be an integral part of the community, empowering our citizens by providing resources and activities that enrich, enlighten and inspire.


Honesty, Accountability, Dependability – Always being truthful, doing what you say, accepting responsibility for achievements and failures, and helping when possible.


Innovation, Creativity, Curiosity, Knowledge – Introducing new ideas, using imagination, a strong desire to learn new things.


Loyalty – Possessing a strong feeling of support or allegiance.


Excellence – Always making sure our work is outstanding by putting forth extraordinary effort.

Teamwork, Collaboration – Working together as a team in the best interest of the Library, not the individual.

Respect, Inclusivity, Kindness – Always being kind to everyone, honoring them as individuals.

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