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Goddard Public Library is a member of the KanShare library consortium, a group of eight libraries in south-central Kansas.

The libraries in the consortium include:

  • Andover Public Library

  • Augusta Public Library

  • Derby Public Library

  • El Dorado Public Library (Bradford Memorial Library)

  • Goddard Public Library

  • Mulvane Public Library

  • Park City Public Library

  • Rose Hill Public Library

​What does this mean for you? It means you only need one library card to access physical materials from any of the eight libraries in the consortium. A single catalog means you only have to search in one location to find books, DVDs, books on CD, movies and more. If an item is available at any of the partner libraries, you can place it on hold and choose to pick it up at the location that is most convenient for you. Simply choose your pick-up library from the drop-down list when you place items on hold.

Your default pickup location is your home library. When you are ready to return your item, you can return it to any library in the consortium (the only exception to this is interlibrary loans.  Interlibrary loans are items that are requested through a library's interlibrary loan department and come from a library outside the consortium. These items must be picked up and returned to the library the request was made through.

Merge Your Library Accounts & Choose Your Home Library

To merge your library cards, call us at 316-794-8771 — or any library in the consortium — and we can merge your accounts into a single KanShare account. You will need to choose what library you would like to keep as your home library. It can be any library in the consortium.

If you do not merge your account and choose your home library, your account will automatically be merged and your local library will be made your home library.

Why do you need to choose a home library? Because the consortium works on a single catalog, there is no reason for you to hold multiple library cards any longer. One card gives you access to physical materials at every library in the consortium.

Your home library will be the default pickup location for items you place on hold. Items checked out from any library in the consortium may be returned at any library in the consortium, regardless of where they were checked out. This does not apply to interlibrary loans that come from libraries outside the consortium—those must be returned to the library where they were checked out.

Your home library also determines your access to digital services.

Do I need to get a new library card to use KanShare? No, your current library card from your home library will work at all KanShare libraries. You only need one library card number to access the catalog and to access the digital services from your home library.

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